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McDreamy’s a McDaddy!

February 2, 2007

I know, I know. Horribly cliche headline. But it’s 2 pm on Friday and I haven’t slept much this week, so give me a break, okay? Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and his wife welcomed twin boys, named Sullivan Patrick and Darby Galen, on Thursday afternoon. Dempsey and his wife, Jillian, already have one daughter, Tallulah, who is five years old. Mom and babies are healthy and happy.

The ultra-hunky Dempsey graces the cover of Details magazine this month, and the actor opens up to the publication for a full-length piece (read it here). For as much success as Dempsey’s found on Grey’s, his dreams are even bigger: “Things are going well, but I’m not satisfied. I don’t think the character is going to change that much. Shonda Rhimes has created a great show. And I’m contributing to that and have benefited from that profoundly. And she’s benefited by being smart enough to cast me when no one else did. [It’s] been a great opportunity, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of where I want to go.”

Isaiah Washington Speaks!

November 19, 2006

Did anyone catch Friday’s Oprah? I’m just now watching it on my TiVo (keep your jokes to yourself, assholes), and she’s interviewing the whole cast of Grey’s Anatomy. She asks Isaiah Washington about the Burkegate scandal last month, and here’s what the cast had to say:

Isaiah: I really honestly think that, for me, it was a combination of fatigue, pride, passion and — I’ve been working with these beautiful men for three years now, and we had an argument as brothers. It came about in a time and a place that was overwhelming for both of us.

Oprah: Was it an argument, or a fight?

Isaiah: No, it was not a brawl, fisticuffs and all that stuff, no, no, it was not, it was not.

TR Knight: And thing is, we’ve been together three years, and you form a — for lack of a better word — a kind of family and so we’re gonna argue. The hours are fifteen hour days, and now we’re working a lot of weekends, and, so, it’s gonna happen, but I think the strength of our cast is, like, how we handle it, so we don’t, like, deny it.

Oprah: (to Isaiah) I heard you did a public statement saying that your behavior was below your personal standards. So you still feel that way?

Isaiah: I feel that the actions that I’ve had an opportunity over the last four weeks to get some serious self-examination about my part in the argument.

Oprah: So you basically lost your temper, right?

Isaiah: Yeah, I lost my cool, but it wasn’t coming out of a place of “animice” (ed: I, um, think he means either “animosity” or “malice.” So he decided to just combine them. English is neat like that.) for Patrick or TR or anyone, it was coming out of a place of trying to stay focused about the work, and the one thing I understand about myself and my passion about everything I do is that the opposite of love is indifference.

Oprah: Elie Weisel says that all the time. (ed: uuuuuugh)

Isaiah: Absolutely. (ed: uuuuuuuuuuuuugh) And if I will ever become indifferent to this man (gestures to Dempsey), this man (gestures to Knight) or this show, anything, there wouldn’t be anything for me to argue about, there wouldn’t be anything for me to care about. And I really feel that, out of that caring, we got ourselves into a debate that had to happen, and it happened at that point, it happened at that time, and as a matter of fact, I realized I have more in common than this man (gestures to Dempsey) than I ever thought in terms of clothes, cars. I don’t have his hair.

Dempsey: I think we’ve all really learned a lot from this experience, and I think we’re all much tighter because of it, because I think what happens is we just needed to be open and to be able to communicate and not let things build up, and I think we’ve come to that point where we’re like “Okay, it’s much freer to communicate with each other” and we’re more relaxed with each other because of it. And I think the whole company’s tighter because of that. (goes on to talk about how James Pickens, Jr, aka Chief Webber, put them all in a room to talk about it.)

Pickens: I was like the hall monitor … We’re a family. We spend more time together than we do with our families, and, in families, you have a beef. (Goes onto talk about how the media built it up way too much. )

Isaiah: Apologies were made to each other … and we went back to work.

The Rest of the Sexy Pants

November 16, 2006

Okay, after Sir George (and really, let’s just Knight him already) here is the rest of the list from People:

2. Patrick Dempsey
3. Ashton Kutcher
4. Taye Diggs
5. Johnny Depp
6. Josh Duhamel
7. Enrique Murciano
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
9. John Krasinski
10. Jake Gyllenhaal

Both good and horrible choices here. Also EvilT, EvilB, why no chiming in on this? Must I be the only grader of manflesh?

Anyway, Ashton Kutcher at #3 is preposterous. My cat exudes more sex appeal and I don’t even own a cat. I love Johnny Depp and his disaffected hair so I salute that one; I only wish us thick hair guys could compete with our giant bushels of Afro.

Leonardo DiCaprio? Really? Well, if you like your men waiflike and flaxen like back in the days of rampant tuberculosis I guess I could see that.

The #9 choice, John Krasinski, is actually really solid. When I saw the name I didn’t know who the hell it was but it turns out he’s the guy from The Office (but not Steve Carell). I think I would date him, and he’s about to become a giant movie star as evidenced by his smaller roles in two very “buzzy” films, For Your Consideration and Dreamgirls.

Enrique Murciano is the guy from Without a Trace. It seems to be a TV show of some kind. I wouldn’t know him if he physically assaulted me and left a card that said “I’m Enrique Murciano.”

Josh Duhamel is very close to not being worth even talking about. He was decent enough in the show Las Vegas but this is more a case of People Magazine star building than calling it like it is. Plus if you knew everyone on the list you wouldn’t bother purchasing it which would make Mr. People Magazine Jr. very sad.

My final complaint is Patrick Dempsey. I haven’t met a woman yet who doesn’t swoon for him but I can’t for the life of me see it. He disappeared for like a decade! Was he being sexy when he was passing out resumes? Let’s call his sexy quotient what it is, a flash in the pan cheap kind of sexy that makes all of us feel a little dirtier. Wait, I just read that back and maybe that’s what sexy truly is.

Crap. I hate you Patrick Dempsey. Call me.

Grey’s Anatomy to "Pull a Becky"???

October 20, 2006

Wow, Isaiah Washington is in a world of trouble. After nearly punching Patrick Dempsey on set, and unleashing a flood of homophobic slurs that led T.R. Knight to come out to People magazine, rumor has it that, due to the tensions on set, producers are looking to replace him on the show, possibly with ER‘s Eriq LaSalle!!!

It’ll be just like the New Becky/Old Becky days on Roseanne. New Burke/Old Burke!!

I don’t know why I’m so excited about this. Probably because I love me some Eriq LaSalle.

While You Were Sleeping: The Edition Where Patrick Dempsey Grabs Your Ass While His Wife’s Not Looking

September 14, 2006


Omigod you guys so much has happened since COB yesterday. So pop a couple Tylenol, get that Visine in, and have your morning beer so we can get started.