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Listen to the Kat McPhee CD

January 30, 2007

Who’d’ve thunk it? In between puking and talking about puking, Katharine McPhee actually found time to record an album. An eponymous album, at that. It’s not bad, specifically, it’s just not particularly interesting. Maybe it will grow on me. It’s a soulful R&B sound, very reminiscent of her “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” turn on AmIdol. It’s a fairly mature sound from an AmIdol contestant. Except she had to go and title a song “Not Ur Girl.” When will people stop titling songs like they were IMing their BFF? Pick a fucking demographic, Kat. Seriously, can you imagine if they’d pulled that shit 30 years ago? And today we’d all be covering “A Case of U” and “Ticket 2 Ride” and “Uve Got a Friend”?

Anyway, AOL has the whole thing streaming for free right now. Check it out here.

Late-Night Links

January 10, 2007

Memo to the Malibu Colony fire: if you have to go around destroying the homes of celebrities, could you think of someone a little more interesting than Suzanne Somers? [Celebrity Smack]

Paris Hilton made it nearly a week and a half into the new year before a nip slip. Someone should give her a cookie. [The Blemish]

Check out Kat McPhee’s first single, “Over It.” [popbytes]

Halle Berry sports a sexy gold number at the People’s Choice Awards. [Dirty Laundry]

Paris Hilton(‘s attorney) pleads not guilty to her September DUI. [Celeb Warship]

Jessica Alba wants you to think that she thinks it might bother the paparazzi if she takes pictures of them. But Jessica Alba knows that when she takes pictures of the paparazzi taking pictures of her and they get a picture of her taking pictures of them, that picture will sweep through the blogosphere aned she’ll get paid more per picture. It’s simple, really. [IBBB]

Hilary Swank gets her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [Mollygood]

Claire Danes and Billy Crudup split. In related news: Claire Danes and Billy Crudup were dating. [Barbie Martini]

The worst films of 2006. [Pajiba]

The Up-and-Coming "It" Girls

December 29, 2006

Move over, Paris Hilton. You’re getting old, literally and figuratively. A whole new crop of beauties are prepared to storm the Hollywood scene in an attempt to become the next “it” girl. Here are some of our top contenders for 2007.

5. Kim Kardashian. The daughter of the late O.J. Simpson trial attorney, Robert Kardashian, made a splash on the Hollywood scene this year, hitting up hot spots with sometime BFF Paris Hilton (who thanked her in the liner notes of her album). She’s been linked romantically with Nick Lachey and Nick Cannon, and the 26-year-old with a booty to rival J.Lo’s promises to hang around in the spotlight through 2007.

4. Leona Lewis. The Londoner sang her way onto the radar on both sides of the pond as she sailed to victory on the U.K.’s X Factor. She won over the heart of American gossip blogger Perez Hilton, who ran YouTube clips of her on his website regularly. It is rumored that, after she took the X Factor crown, Whitney Houston herself called to congratulate her. This young woman promises to be a fixture on the American and British music scenes in the next year.

3. Ashley Tisdale. This 21-year-old was rocketed to fame with the surprise success of Disney’s High School Musical. She’s been spotted at a range of Hollywood parties, but has generally stayed out of the gossip pages. Look for that to change next year, as the release of her solo album in February and the summer release of High School Musical 2 raise her profile.

2. Katharine McPhee. Another product of a television talent competition, American Idol runner-up Kat McPhee graced the pages of far more magazines than its winner, gray-haired Taylor Hicks. The 22-year-old, who began the competition with a quiet, homely look, has transformed into a total sexpot, with a series of commanding photo shoots and personal interviews. Her eponymous debut album will be released in January of next year, and you can expect to see and hear much more of this young woman.

1. Hayden Panettiere. This 17-year-old stunner has been around on the soap scene for a while, but she made her mark this year on the mainstream as the cheerleader in need of saving on NBC’s hit Heroes. She’s dated Laguna Beach’s Stephen Colletti, and her debut album, produced by Britney Spears paramour J.R. Rotem, will be released in the spring of next year. She’s talented and she’s adorable, and, with any luck, it’ll turn out she has a drinking problem, too, because this girl is definitely one to watch in 2007.

Fashion Victim of the Week

November 10, 2006

I feel a bit bad for not digging deeper into the fashion disasters that were this week. I simply couldn’t top this pic of Kat McPhee that GoFugYourself
brilliantly found. American Idol kids go to great lengths to keep themselves in the public eye and Fashion disasters are not uncommon but there is something really bizarre about this top.

It is looking at you. Focus closely. Her top is alive.